Why Miky Mikaos?

When my nephew was two and his "rag-tongue" (spanish expression) and Mickey Mousse came on TV, he expressive, determined and smiling said: MIKY MIKAOS. I fall in love!! I take this name my own and from there emerged my seal, signature, brand, name.

When he grow up I havo to ask him permission...

More about me.
My name is Leticia, but Leti sounds much better. I was born in a little island of the Mediterranean sea, Menorca, a piece of rock caressed by the Tramontana, rocked by the most turquoise of the seas.

At 18 I felt that my creativity wanted to grow, to learn, to form. This expansion bring me to the
Massana school in Barcelona, ​​the birthplace of artists, where my creativity matured. Three years later, the Erasmus accompanied me to Milan, where I worked on my final project and I learned Italian.

BUT: my other passion is languages ​​and "I should" know French. That took me to work a year in Geneva (Switzerland) with website design. I returned to Spain, working in San Sebastian (Basque Country) for many surf brands like Quiksilver and Roxy. Seven years ago I realized that I didn't know German! So: I live in Berlin since 2010. Love is what you have!

I speak Spanish, Catalan, English, French, Italian and German. Yes! I am fascinated by languages, apart from the visual arts, design, storytelling, calligraphy, infographics, color markers and THE SEA!
I am fascinated by many more things, but these capture me, catch me, and I engage myself to them.

Print or Digital? The big question. I work in communication, with clients who need to improve or create an image, tell their story in some way, either through paper or in digital. Corporate identity, branding, interface design, infography, illustration and calligraphy. The style that is defined will be connected with the values ​​of the product.

I am happy doing my work and I am passionate about what I do, I can not avoid it.

My prize is the satisfaction and success of my client as well as getting their customers to love them at the same time...

Don't work. Be happy.

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