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Saborea Menorca

Saborea Menorca conveys passion in his cooking and seamlessly integrates a deep understanding of local tradition, contemporary techniques, academic expertise, and a daring, iconoclastic approach in his dishes.


Branding Design


Saborea Menorca




Saborea Menorca en Llaut:

Menorcan cultural gastronomic experience on board a Llaut. Experience it as Menorcans have always done, sailing through the port of Mahón, with an explanation of the most symbolic places in the port, their anecdotes... to lead to dinner under the stars.

Saborea Menorca en tu hogar:

Enjoy the most desired dishes without haste, and a pleasant evening with friends or family, with a smiling, discreet and professional service, without having to worry about anything other than enjoying the experience.


Social Media

Design for the Instagram Feed where will be communicate all different services, places and spectacular plates.

Combining the minimal Design with the minimal plates exposition.

Let's work together! 

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